Effective Remedies for Hair Loss at Womens Hair Treatment in Phoenix

Hair loss is traumatic for anyone. Once a thick, beautiful head of hair can get damaged, thinner or fall out for many different reasons. The options for treating hair loss are many.

Women’s Hair Treatment in Phoenix offers an array of solutions based on the reason for the loss, whether due to illness and medication, genetic baldness, damage due to products. The science behind hair growth is important when it comes to a solution for the problem. This is important to understand the underlying causes.

Hair growth happens in three cycles:

 *      The first is called anagen: This consist of most of the hair that we see every day and lasts two to eight years.

 *      The second phase is called catagen. In this phase, the hair is in transition and is when the hair follicles are shrinking.

 *      The phase is the telogen cycle: This is where the hair is not falling out but is resting.

For most people, hair stays on the scalp and is growing regularly. About 10 percent of the hair is in transition and resting. Typically hair grows about six inches a year.

Hair Loss

it is normal to lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. Washing hair can up that number to about 250 strands. Generally, people don’t see it and it doesn’t affect how the hair looks or performs. However, finding hair on the pillow, or more than usual in a comb can be cause for concern and this is where an expert hair loss treatment center can make a positive difference to men and women.

Dontes salon is an expert at Womens Hair Treatment in Phoenix. The company uses many different remedies such as hair replacement procedures. These sessions using a bonding agent over two, four, six and eight-week session. Donte’s works to match the natural or tinted hair color. Also, it will wash and style the new hair to keep it looking natural without risk of damaging the bond.

Other services include on site repair, tape, and adhesive techniques as well as hair extensions using only natural hair. Visit the website to see their services for replacement, hair treatment & hair extension systems for men & women in Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona (AZ).

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