Effectively Treat Basement Flooding in Richmond, TX

Basement flooding may occur after storms or as a result of sewer backups. Standing water is an obvious indicator there is a problem, but damp air, visible mold, or cracks in the wall also point to some kind of water leakage problem. Water damage can have serious financial and health consequences and needs to be addressed quickly to prevent even worse damage.

The financial effects of water damage depend on the extent and duration of damage. Lingering water can cause damage to a home’s foundation. Serious foundation damage can affect the structural integrity of the home and can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair. Obvious basement flooding can be taken care of more quickly and is less likely to affect the structure of a home when dealt with promptly.

In a basement flood, any item that has been exposed to water should be removed from the basement to be cleaned and thoroughly dried. If an item cannot be cleaned and dried, it should be thrown out and replaced. This includes furniture, appliances (such as a washer and dryer), and flooring. Homeowner’s insurance that covers flooding can help offset the costs of treating a water-damaged basement.

Any standing water or water leak can result in mold growth. This hazard may become apparent from a visual inspection revealing black or dark spots in the flooring and walls or from a lingering musty odor in the basement. Serious health consequences can occur from mold exposure including difficulty breathing, wheezing, itchy skin, fatigue, or headaches.

Take care of your basement flooding in Richmond TX with a qualified professional who can evaluate the cause of water damage. The best way to protect your basement will vary with the cause of damage. If the basement walls were not sealed correctly during construction, they will need to be waterproofed. If there are small cracks letting water in through the foundation, they can be sealed to prevent future damage. Larger cracks indicate a more serious foundation issue and will need to be addressed by a foundation expert. Schedule an appointment today to have a professional evaluate and treat your Basement Flooding in Richmond TX.

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