Electric hand dryers give better results

If you own or operate a facility that provides bathrooms for your clients no doubt you will want to do the absolute best to ensure the rooms are clean and well organized. There are a couple of things in a public bathroom that has to be considered, one important decision that must be made is to either provide paper towels or install quality hand dryers for a bathroom. There are things that should be considered, including:


Although you want to provide clean bathrooms, anyone in business also must keep a tight rein on costs. From a cost point of view, an electric hand dryer has it all over paper towels.

Take a typical office with 50 employees using the bathroom. Industry statistics show that people visit the bathroom four times a day and each time they use 2 hand towels. Over a year of five day work weeks, this amounts to just a little less than 105 thousand paper towels. Decent quality paper towels cost two cents a sheet, with these average numbers the cost of towels is $2100 annually.

Using average electricity costs; electric hand dryers cost about $40 a year to operate, a tremendous difference in favor of hand dryers.


Hygiene is extremely important and must not be overlooked. The paper towel industry argues that their product is better because hands can be dried quicker. This may have been the case at one time, but state of the art technology has changed the picture. A paper towel is fine for drying hands but what happens after that? They are thrown on the floor, thrown in the toilets and sinks; they create an unhygienic environment. Damp towels are an ideal breeding place for germs.

Automatic quality hand dryers for the bathroom are “no touch.” Hands are placed under the nozzle, and warm air comes out. The best hand dryers are complete with a HEPA filter which even meets the stringent requirements of the healthcare and food processing industries.

Cost, hygiene, environmentally friendly, convenience is just a few reasons why quality hand dryers for bathrooms are by far the best option.

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