Emergency Procedures That Can Be Conducted At A Cat Clinic in Olathe KS

When it comes to caring for a furry family member, it is crucial to find quality care and compassionate staff who are dedicated to using the latest technology to treat a wide array of ailments. It is important to find a Cat Clinic in Olathe KS that provides emergency services, so a plan is in place should a feline friend become injured.

While most offer a broad range of treatment modalities, the following are the most needed in an emergency. Be sure the clinic that is chosen can provide the following services, so a pet owner will know their fur baby will receive top notch care.

X-Rays and Scans

From a broken bone to the ingestion of a foreign body, many reasons warrant the use of an x-ray or body scan. Find a clinic that has the latest x-ray technology in-house, so the needed tests can be conducted immediately and not delay the treatment necessary to save their life. The most common health issues are located on the inside, and the proper equipment will give the veterinarian an inside look at what is happening.

On-Site Blood Testing

Many health issues can be diagnosed through a blood test. Also, the doctor may need to conduct a full blood panel to determine if an animal is healthy enough for a procedure. Some veterinarians send their bloodwork to off-site labs, which can take up to 24 hours to process. An emergency Cat Clinic in Olathe KS will be able to conduct blood testing on site and get the results in minutes, not hours.

Surgical Facilities

When surgery is the only option, it is important to act fast. An emergency clinic should have a state of the art surgical facility that is equipped with the latest technology. This will ensure that an injured animal will receive the care they need quickly and will allow the veterinarian to address any health concerns before they have a chance to become worse and lead to life-threatening conditions.

In the Olathe area, choosing a pet hospital is easy. Check out the caring team at Falcon Valley Animal Hospital. They provide innovative treatment options, and their compassionate staff will provide top notch care to any furry family member when trauma occurs. Call today to learn more, and schedule an initial patient exam. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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