Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Schenectady Can Help 24/7

Water damage in a home or a business can have a number of causes, and it doesn’t take long before the damage goes from being a nuisance to being a serious threat. That is why you need to call in an experienced Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Schenectady to remove the water and dry out the premises as quickly as possible. Water can be insidious, as the longer it stands, the more comprehensive the damage is to a structure. If it isn’t removed promptly, it can lead to secondary issues like structural damage or the possibility of mold and mildew. Trained water removal professionals keep damage to the building and your belongings to a minimum if they are called in as soon as the damage is discovered.

One of the first tasks for a water removal team is to determine the structure involved is safe enough to work in and around. The source of the water needs to be located and turned off. If the damage is the result of a storm, and a roof that has lost its integrity, tarps will need to be put in place on the roof to protect the building and its contents. Sometimes, windows and doors will need to be boarded up if they have also been damaged, and an Emergency Water Damage Restoration Service in Schenectady can handle that task as well. To prevent any possibility of injuries, all power to the building may need to be cut before the removal and restoration process can begin.

When the building has been cleared to work in, the restoration team may begin a pack-out where furnishings, wall hangings, and floor coverings are moved to another location to be dried out. This will help in preventing any further damage to these items as well as making room for the water removal equipment which will need to be brought in.

The equipment used in this kind of operation may include any combination of submersible pumps, wet-vacs, commercial fans, and heavy-duty dehumidifiers. If the water has been standing for a while, anti-microbial agents may also be used to help eliminate the possibility of mold or mildew developing. If these should become a problem, the restoration team can perform remediation procedures to get rid of either or both of these issues. The most important thing to minimize long-term water damage is to call in experts as quickly as possible.

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