Energy Efficiency in Fairfax Homes: Is the Entryway Overlooked?

While many homeowners focus exclusively on the energy efficiency benefits of replacing their windows, most don’t realize that replacing their entry doors can also dramatically improve the functionality and aesthetics of their home. For those seeking to get the most out of their home in Fairfax, VA, door replacement experts can provide much-needed home-improvement insight and services.

Portals to the Home

There are many considerations that need to be made when choosing new entry doors that few homeowners are aware of. For instance, it’s important that your new door is correctly rated for your climate. Some doors perform better in extreme heat than others, while some are outfitted for intense cold. If you install the right doors for your home in Fairfax, VA, door replacement can bring down your heating and cooling costs and make your home more energy efficient.

Patio Doors

Sliding glass or patio doors are the most inefficient type of door in the average home. Large sheets of glass both exude heat in the winter and let it in during the summer months. Luckily, there have been recent advances in glass door technology and new doors are much more efficient than their older counterparts. A new patio door can figure prominently into a sound strategy for energy sustainability in the home.

Storm Doors

Depending on your region, it may be prudent to install new or replacement storm doors. While not commonly considered, storm doors and windows actually play a key part in energy efficiency roles in the homes in which they’ve been installed. While it may not seem like much of a concern for residents of Fairfax, VA, door replacement in the home may include storm protection as hurricanes creep ever further North each season.

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