Enhance the beauty of a room with frameless glass fittings

When it comes to furnishing and styling a space people have come a long way from making use of metals and wood. The bygone eras have seen the use of heavy metals and solid wood with intricate detailing on them which were undoubtedly architectural marvels.

But the modern era has seen the use of glass in architectural and construction field. It is no longer considered just an object to be used in windows and as dinning ware. It has actually made its way into the architectural firm with major construction projects relying on glass for its completion not only on the interior front but also on the exterior front of the building.

From fittings like lever locks and handles, glass doors, to fittings for windows, canopies and sanitary fitting one has made use of glass everywhere.

Taking this one step forward is the use of frameless glass. These frameless glass fittings do not make use of any exterior frames to hold up the glass frame. Instead different types of nuts and bolts and use to bolster these heavy glass fittings in place which gives it a chic and modern look. These frameless facades are a huge success in the interior d├ęcor sector and are in demand in all kinds of fittings and furnishings in living rooms, office doors, bathroom doors and more.

Not only are these common in residential flats but have also taken the commercial world by storm with all major shops, offices, restaurants and malls installing frameless glass fittings in screens, canopies and glass pivot doors. One can opt for different types of glass fittings including tinted glass or patterned glass. One can browse through the different options of frameless glass fittings in the official website of NHN Tyro India. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.

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