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Protecting the teeth from damage requires consistent diligence. Along with brushing and flossing is the need for annual visits to determine the condition of the teeth and provide professional cleaning. In fact, a Dentist in Providence RI can perform a number of procedures that improve and protect the teeth no matter what condition they may be in. For example, the dentist can eliminate severe caries by clearing away the damaged portions and cover them with a porcelain crown so that the repair is reliable and invisible.

One of the more common reasons to consult a dentist is cosmetic procedures. These are the solutions that reduce or hide problems such as severe stains, gaps between the teeth and crooked or misshapen teeth. The first issue is handled with teeth whitening. The others can be fixed with either bonding and shaping or the application of a veneer. In some cases, the use of a veneer is also the solution for hiding stains that whitening doesn’t eliminate. The whitening process is reasonably simple. The dentist will apply a solution based on carbamide peroxide over the teeth and add a little water. The water begins a chemical reaction that changes the carbamide peroxide into hydrogen peroxide. This conversion forces the chemical into and below the enamel where it removes the stains.

Bonding is often done when the size of the tooth needs to be adjusted and may also be used to fix a chipped tooth. Bonding requires a dentist in Providence RI to place a tooth-colored putty on the tooth and shaping it. Some shaping is performed when the putty is placed and the remainder is done once the material has cured. Veneers are a more common fix for cosmetic problems because they can hide a number of faults. The veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is placed over the front or visible portion of the teeth. It is custom made so that is fits tightly and secured using a dental adhesive. Keep in mind that the veneer is not a repair. Any existing problem must be addressed before the dentist can apply this solution. Get further information from the professionals at Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates.

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