Ensure a Reliable Supply of Heated Water With an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks

Hot water is a requirement in any home, but there are various ways of generating it. For instance, the tank-based water heater comes as either a gas burning unit or one that uses electrical resistance for generating hot water. Gas models are reasonably efficient, but there is always the problem of exhaust fumes or the chance of fire. A better option for many homeowners is an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks. It is fairly easy to replace a gas model with an electric unit, but it will require a 220-volt circuit for powering to the appliance.

An electric water heater is a very efficient appliance, but the quality of these products can vary. Budget grade models are usually just the tank, some insulation, the outer shell, and heating elements. More efficient models make use of better insulation methods and tank liners. For example, a better quality electric water heater can have a cement liner or a glass liner. Tank liners serve two purposes. The first is additional insulation against loss of heat. The second is to protect the tank from corrosion. Cement is the liner of choice for many installations because it provides an even coating inside the tank including coverage over seams and pipe fittings.

Of course, an Electric Hot Water Heater in Sparks is not a perfect option because there is no such thing. The elements in the tank can burn out or develop a short. Most electric water heaters with a thirty gallons capacity or higher use multiple elements. This lets them keep functioning when one element breaks, but they will not be as effective at heating the water. It is possible for a skilled homeowner to replace these elements if they have the right tools. Threads in the heating elements can get stuck from an accumulation of hard water minerals or corrosion. Connected to each heating elements is a matching thermostat, which should be replaced as well. One important consideration with any tank based water heater is maintenance. Annual maintenance should include flushing the unit to remove any deposits and testing various safety components like the pressure relief valve. Visit us for more information about water heaters.

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