Essential Secrets of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design is web design that responds to the end user’s system, making your pages readable on multiple platforms. Because end users access the Web on such a broad array of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs–all of which use different Oss and browsers–responsive web design is as critical as your content.

  1. Design first, content second. As crucial as quality content is for your website, design is even more important. Just as you would never be able to hang paintings and arrange furniture in a house that has not yet been built, there is no good way to develop content until the design of your website has been finalized. Responsive web design means creating the core information architecture first, laying the foundation, ground rules, and layout, so that your content can shine when users finally access the space.
  2. Cost effective. Investing now into responsive web design will help you cut costs later, because you won’t need a different design for PC versus smartphone and your web content does not need to be continually updated to meet changing technologies.
  3. Responsive web design will improve your site’s visibility and performance. Whether you are running a commercial site or an informative one, the responsiveness of your pages to different browsers and technologies will greatly impact user experience. A user who has a bad experience with page readability, inability to display graphics or video, or a frustrating time loading the site could never return and you lose customers to the competition.
  4. Your readers like their phones. As much as you might want to develop content for PC only, the demanding graphics and wide page formatting also need to be adapted for use on the smartphone, where a large number of your viewers will be encountering your page for the first time.
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