Everything You Need To Know Before Choosing From Different Boat Stands For Sale

Boat stands can be used in the marina, a boat yard or even by a private boat owner to keep their boat stable and secure when out of the water. When choosing between the various boat stand for sale, there are some important considerations to keep in mind to make sure the stands selected are the best option to protect your boat.

It is important to realize the boat stands used around the boat are not designed to actually bear the weight of the vessel. Instead, they are the stabilizers, with the weight of the boat held by blocks or blocking material under the keel.

The length of the boat will determine the number of boat stands that should be used. It is always important to have the minimum number of stands, which will be paired on either side of the boat, to prevent the boat from tipping or falling.

Important Considerations

When considering the various boat stands for sale, it is a good idea to consider a set of stands for every eight to ten feet of boat length. The stands should be designed to be adjustable allowing the user to accommodate different sizes of boats.

The stand itself should ideally be constructed out of angle iron that is ideal for providing a secure base that will stand up to years of use. With a tripod shape, there is optimal stability for the stand, another essential factor.

Look carefully at the base of the tripod. Legs that are standard leg designs can sink into soft ground or even asphalt surfaces, creating an uneven balance between the two pairs of boat stands. To avoid this problem look for a continuous base, a design where the ends of the tripod legs are attached to a base that forms a solid, flat surface, preventing the issues with one or more legs of the tripod digging into the ground.

The pads that rest against the hull should be made of plywood to prevent the risk of damage to the hull. With the soft wood surface against the boat hull, there is added protection against slipping, but without the need to use fabric pads that can become mildewed and moldy.

While the cost of boat stands for sale is very reasonable, these are an important aspect of protecting boats in storage in any type of boat yard, marina or even in a backyard. Taking the time to find quality boat stands will allow you to use this equipment for years to come to keep your boat safe and sound.

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