Expert Screen Printing in Upland CA

The screen-printed T-shirt has become so common that it’s taken for granted. Any item of apparel or an accessory with a printed design on it is an example of screen printing. This is the technique of transferring ink designs onto fabric by way of a fine mesh screen which has a design burned into it, with the clear areas allowing ink to be pressed through with a squeegee. Screen printing is so common that hobbyists can get their own home kits to do simple designs on their own T-shirts or shirts for whichever organizations they belong to. But a truly professional screen printing job is the product of a full-service graphic design and printing company with modern presses available to it, to churn out exact copies of the same design on items of clothing or apparel numbering in the many hundreds.

Any industrial operation for Screen Printing in Upland CA utilizes multi-plate benches and automatic screen pressers which can handle up to twelve separate colors in one printing. They produce copies of designs supplied by customers or graphics produced in-house by the company’s own team of artists on computer. Once a design has been laid out on the desktop, it is broken down into separation overlays which are printed out on transparency and then used to burn an emulsion into a screen. After that, the process is more or less handled the same way as on an assembly line. The item is passed along from screen to screen on the printer until the graphic is fully impressed into the fabric in its full-color glory. By hand, it would take one person a day to produce a couple dozen shirts with more than one color. Modern automatic pressers can finish a printing run of a hundred shirts in an hour. And all with sharp, clear designs in brilliant color, with no ink bleeds between one color and the next. And special “puffy” inks can be used to create an embroidery-like effect as well.

So it’s easy to see why one would want to trust a full-service graphics company for Screen Printing in Upland CA. If the object is to have a t-shirt that will impress people about your organization or cause, a professionally-done screen-printed product is bound to have a far greater impact upon a target audience. Click here and browse this company’s website for more information.

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