Exploring The Claim With A Workers Comp Attorney In Melbourne, FL

In Florida, federal laws and regulations define the requirements for all employers. Among the requirements are insurance laws related to worker-related injuries. All employers who hire more than one employee need worker’s compensation insurance for their workers. A Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL help employees who are injured on the job.

Who Enforces Worker’s Comp in Florida?

The state of Florida utilizes the Division of Worker’s Compensation to enforce worker’s compensation laws and regulations. The agency doesn’t process the claims directly. However, if a worker is experiencing a claim-related issue with their employer or insurer, the agency steps in to assist the worker.

How are Worker’s Compensation Claims Processed?

The claim is submitted to the employer’s insurer after the worker receives medical treatment and diagnosis. A doctor provides a medical report that explains the worker’s injuries and how they affect the worker’s ability to perform their job. The insurer assigns the claim to an adjuster who evaluates the injury based on the terms of the policy. The evaluation defines if the injuries are eligible for medical payments and monetary benefits.

How Long Do Workers Wait for Benefits?

Typically, monetary benefits require a waiting period that ranges from ten to fourteen days. Workers with the most severe injuries receive their monetary benefits within three days. With less serious injuries, the worker must wait longer for their benefits.

What Constitutes a Work-Related Injury?

A work-related injury is an injury that happens while the worker is performing their work duties. An accident that was caused by a hazard in the workplace produces a work-related injury as well. The workplace under related laws also includes off-site locations in which the worker performed job requirements. However, the regulations don’t include seasonal agricultural workers and independent contractors.

In Florida, federal laws outline procedures for filing a worker’s compensation claim. The regulations identify a statute of limitations for reporting the injuries and filing a legal claim. The employer must comply with the laws and purchase appropriate insurance policies. Employees who were injured on the job contact a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL through Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille and schedule an appointment today.

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