FAQs About Automobile Insurance In California

In California, automobile owners purchase insurance to protect their investment. These policies provide a variety of coverage levels. These levels present funds for the result of an accident or other collision. The policies also provide coverage for a total loss of the vehicle under certain conditions. The following are FAQs about Automobile Insurance.

What are the Basic Requirements for Auto Insurance in California?

The basic requirements for auto insurance in California begins with $15,000 for the first injury or death that occurs in an accident. The maximum for coverage is $30,000 which covers the cost of all expenses for multiple victims. The policy must provide a minimum of $5,000 for any property damage that happens.

What are the Penalties for Failing to Comply?

Any driver that doesn’t comply with all auto insurance laws is held accountable and receives a fine. The fine is based on the total number of convictions incurred by the driver. The county can suspend their driver’s license and require a reinstatement fee after the suspension period. The county could also require additional coverage or proof of coverage based on non-compliance.

When is SR-22 Needed?

SR-22 certificates are needed when the driver has numerous convictions for no insurance coverage. They are also required when a driver is convicted of a DUI. The certificates aren’t insurance policies. They are certificates that show that the driver has complied with the local laws and a court order issued in their case. The driver must purchase these certificate for up to three years.

What Factors Control Premium Payments?

Initially, the driver’s driving record, age, and credit rating define the premiums. The age of any drivers they had to their policy will also affect their premium costs. If they are involved in an accident or commit a moving violation, the driver’s premiums will increase as well.

In California, automobile owners must provide evidence of insurance coverage when they are stopped. They must also show this proof when registering a new vehicle. If the driver changes policies must provide evidence of their new policy to the DMV. Vehicle owners who need to purchase Automobile Insurance visit Coastautoinsurance.com today.

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