FAQs About Bed Bugs In Freehold, NJ

In New Jersey, bed bugs are troublesome insects that infest properties and cause unwanted bites. These bites become excessively itchy and could increase the odds of a skin infection. The following are FAQs about Bed Bugs Freehold NJ.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are generally reddish brown. They don’t fly like fleas, and they measure about seven millimeters in size. These insects live off the blood of humans and domestic pets. Although they are small, some homeowners may notice a mature bed bug if it is crawling on their skin.

What are Common Areas in Which Bed Bugs are Found?

Bed bugs are most attracted to mattresses, bedding, and darkened spaces. They are also found in dresser drawers, desks, and along baseboards. A licensed exterminator is trained to identify these insects and could provide clear identification if the homeowner needs assistance.

How Do Homeowners Determine if They Have Bed Bugs?

A full inspection of common areas in which they are found is a brilliant start. However, homeowners may make this discovery based on the bites they sustain. For most people, bed bug bites resemble those of fleas. However, they can also develop into large patches or welts that cover the skin. Homeowners with allergies could also have a more pronounced reaction to these bites.

How Do They Get Into the Home?

Bed bugs often attach themselves to items that are moved from one location to another. For example, luggage, bedding, and stuffed toys are often the origins of an infestation. The insects also attach themselves to pets that have come into contact with infested areas. To reduce these possibilities, homeowners clean these items and use higher heat settings for drying them when possible. They could also vacuum the items to eliminate the insects before they bring these items into their property.

In New Jersey, bed bugs are tiny insects that invade beds and darkened spaces of the home. They feed on the blood of humans and domesticated pets. They travel into the property via luggage and other items used outside the property most often. Homeowners who need extermination services for Bed Bugs Freehold NJ Visit site for more details.

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