Fast Facts Before You Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

If you have dreamt about climbing the tallest mountain in Africa and are planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro any time soon, here are some fast facts you should be aware of. This isn’t something to embark on, on a whim. Some of these facts could be helpful:

How Tall is Mt. Kilimanjaro?

Climbing isn’t something for the faint of heart. At close to 6000 meters atop a stratovolcano, you’ll be embarking on one of the most challenging climbs in the world. Although reports vary on the exact height, most commonly at around 5,895 m, the fact is that if you climb Mount Kilimanjaro, it’s nearly that height at the highest peak. There are several routes that are possible to take for your trek and you’ll want to seriously consider the merits of working with a tour company if you’ve never done this before.

Successes and Failures: Since 1889 when the first known climbers (or, at least the first recorder climbers), about thirty-five thousand attempt this trek every year. Some don’t make it to the top because they choose to stop. Some die on their trek (3-7 people annually, on average) for a variety of reasons, only some of which have to do with a fall, and most people take about 4 days to make their climb. Mount Kilimanjaro has even had people in their 80’s make the climb successfully and a number of people who are classified as disabled have shown that fortitude is a very good trait to have, when they achieved their goal of reaching the top.

Prepare with Care for Your Tanzania Trek

This bucket list ticking item isn’t something that’s a typically embarked on journey without careful preparation and research. Working with a company that specializes in helping others climb Mount Kilimanjaro safely can increase your chances of success significantly.

Reading others’ accounts, reading about reviews of tour companies, and learning about the way to train physically before a climb are all going to help you achieve your goal.

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