Features of Luxury Park Model Trailer Homes For Sale in Houston TX

Luxury park home trailers may sound like an oxymoron, but when people shop for smaller Homes For Sale in Houston TX, they may discover the advantages of these high-end cottage-like structures. The little homes are perfect for people who want to move out of the big family house and into a place that requires much less attention. They’ll still have room for family to visit and stay for a weekend, but they no longer have a large amount of square footage to clean and maintain.

Numerous floor plans and exterior designs are available for these Homes For Sale in Houston TX, so nobody has to worry about a cookie-cutter style. They can have a front porch or even a wraparound porch. They can be constructed to look like a log cabin for the individual or couple who loves the rustic look. A company such as Platinum Park Homes has a photo gallery and floor plan illustrations on its website at website name where prospective park model buyers can get a good sense of what the little houses have to offer.

Even when a couple has decided they never want to own a house again, they may find these park models intriguing. The price is reasonable because the residences are small, and they can be brought to a trailer park or to many RV camps instead of buying an individual lot in the city or country. These structures technically are recreational vehicles, although people typically leave them in one place, just as they do with manufactured homes.

The prime distinction is that a park model has no more than 400 sq. ft. Although that sounds small, the outdoor features such as a porch and an awning expand the living space. A foldout couch or futon in the living room provides a place for family or friends to stay for a night or longer.

The structures are common for seasonal use, such as for snowbirds who like to leave a cold climate in the winter and spend it in Texas instead. However, people increasingly are using them for permanent accommodations, especially when they can buy a higher-end luxury model. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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