Feel Relieve with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Fenton, MI

Whether you wish to promote general health, help heal from an infection, or make surgery easier on your body, hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fenton, MI is a great option to consider. To understand why this therapy is a good idea, you must first understand what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is.

This therapy involves stepping into a hyperbaric, otherwise referred to as pressurized, chamber which is then filled with pure oxygen. This is a well-established treatment for decompression sickness; a life-threatening hazard faced by scuba divers. What many do not know is that it can be used for many other issues also.


Through this therapy, your body will receive 10-15 times its usual amount, of oxygen, and that oxygen will penetrate three times as far into your body tissue. Scientists have known for some time that your body cannot heal properly without a high level of oxygen inside its tissue. In fact, most illnesses and injuries occur, and often stick around, at the cellular or tissue level. To promote fast, efficient healing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is primarily and often prescribed.

This is a great, non-invasive treatment option when medicine simply is not doing enough or not an option. Symptoms of stroke, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue, and more have all responded well to this treatment, and many patients experienced significant relief from such conditions.

Readily Available

This therapy is available in Fenton, MI to patients looking to improve their quality of life. Through regular treatment, you can help yourself relieve the symptoms of illness and conditions such as ADD and ADHD, Crohn’s disease, concussion, migraine headaches, and countless other illnesses/conditions. Even if you simply want to feel better physically and have more energy to face the day, this is the perfect way to do so with minimal or no side effects. If you love your body and experience daily or chronic symptoms due to a pre-existing condition, you have an option available that will help you feel yourself again with just one easy step.

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