Find a Roof Solution in Lawrence, KS by Scheduling an Inspection

If you want to make sure that any leaks in your roof do not result in major difficulties, you need to schedule regular roofing inspections. If a roof is not properly maintained, it affects the longevity of the covering. Therefore, it is important to locate an issue because it becomes a major expense.

Is Your Roof Failing?

Today, you can find a roof solution in Lawrence, KS when you contact a roofer that uses the latest in inspection technology. For instance, infrared scanning is used today to locate leaks or damages from leaks. It can also be used to see if a roof is failing.

How Infrared Scanning Works

Usually, if water seeps into a roof, it accesses the insulation that is below the covering. An infrared scanner can offer a roof solution, as it can detect and show if moisture has affected the insulation. By using this state-of-the-art technology, a roofer can take an image of the roof and determine what areas of the roof need repair.

That is because an infrared scanner uses thermal imaging to check for differences in the surface temperature of a roof. During the day, the roof normally gets warm, while the membrane cools in the evening time. Because water contains more mass than air, the camera can find any leaks that may not otherwise be spotted or seen.

Therefore, if you are seeking a roof solution for a roof that has just been hit by a storm or otherwise damaged, you will want to contact a company that uses the latest in today’s roofing technology. By using infrared scanning, roof leak issues can be identified, and any ensuing water damage can be minimized until the roof can be fixed.

Take time to visit us online to see what roofing services and installations are offered. If you have not had your roof inspected in quite a while, now is the time to do so. Make sure you avoid any structural problems by having your roof inspected and repaired as needed.

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