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Americans love their pets. Some joke that pets are better taken care of than their owners, and sometimes that’s very close to the truth. Animals quickly become more companion than pet, and care and attention are paid to diet, health and looks. Veterinary care is seldom overlooked and regular checkups and visits are the rule more times than not.

Care should be taken when choosing a veterinarian for a new pet. Not only is it important for the dog or cat to accept being handled and cared for by the veterinarian and staff, but it is equally important for the pet owner to feel comfortable with and confident of the skill and personality of the staff. Trips to the doctor should not become a struggle for either pet or owner.

The range of care and services is another major consideration. Full service from initial shots and deworming through diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and surgical procedures as needed to repair any injuries that may occur are available at Veterinary Clinic Sugar Land. Dog and cat owners in the Richmond TX area can be assured that their pets will receive all the attention and medical care they will need over their lifetime.

Other available services at Veterinary Clinic Sugar Land include trimming hair and nails, shampoo, dental care and other grooming items. Regular grooming should be a part of every pet’s continuing care. It not only makes a pet look good, but also can identify potential problem areas or discover existing ones before they become acute.

Unfortunately there are still times and places that a pet cannot accompany their owners. Those times call for a pet sitter or boarding kennel. Although no one likes the idea of leaving their pet with a stranger, often the only alternative is to cancel a trip, sometimes not an option. For those times when boarding is necessary it is less stressful on the pet and the owner to utilize boarding services with the clinic which is familiar and which has complete health records for the pet.

One of the local clinics in Fort Bend County TX that offers total pet care is Greatwood Veterinary Hospital in Richmond TX. It is fully staffed around the clock to handle any needs of pet or owner.

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