Finding A Dentist To Do Teeth Whitening In New Haven CT

When a person suffers from discolored teeth, they may want to consider having procedures done to aid in Teeth Whitening in New Haven CT. There are several different methods one can use to help make their smile whiter and brighter. Here are some tips one can use to remove staining from the teeth.

There are many home remedies one can try to use in whitening teeth. Rubbing the inside of a strawberry directly to the teeth can help eliminate some of the stains that are present. The inside of a banana peel also offers similar results when rubbed across the surfaces of teeth.

Some find that using a mixture of baking soda and water to create toothpaste will help rub away surface stains. This method is similar to over the counter whitening toothpaste. Each of these methods requires that the paste is limited, so it does not cause the enamel to be rubbed away from the teeth as a result. Using hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash is also helpful in making teeth appear brighter.

Many will try products sold in drug stores or grocery stores to help whiten teeth. Gels, creams, strips, or toothpaste can be used to lighten the shade of the teeth. While these may have favorable results, they are also harmful to the enamel layer on the teeth so they must be used in moderation.

One of the best ways to whiten teeth is be seeing a dentist. They will assess the condition of the teeth and help determine what procedure to use to whiten them effectively. A lot of people opt to have a bleaching procedure done in a dentist’s office to remove staining. If a person is unable to have this treatment, they have the option of having veneers, crowns, or white fillings placed over discolored areas.

If someone is interested in seeing a dentist find out their options regarding Teeth Whitening in New Haven CT, they will want to go to a reputable practice to do a whitening procedure. Take a look at a web page like to find out more today!

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