Finding Reliable Dental Implants in Salem OR

Dental Implants in Salem OR offer a more sophisticated solution for missing teeth than other dental technologies because they replace both the tooth root and the crown, while bridges and dentures replace only the visible part of the tooth. By replacing this vital source of stimulation, dental implants keep the jaw bone exercised and healthy. As with any dental repair, implantation requires assiduous oral hygiene to guarantee that the implants last years (if not decades). Tooth loss can occur for various reasons, including neglecting the teeth and gums with a poor diet and poor oral hygiene. Athletes are more prone to losing teeth, as well, because they experience trauma and more contact. Tooth loss may have a noteworthy impact on the self-esteem of a person due to its aesthetic consequences, but it can also cause bite and eating problems if not treated properly and immediately.

How to determine if a person needs dental implants?

In those cases where there are several teeth missing and support for bridges and dentures is nonexistent, dentists turn to Dental Implants in Salem OR as they are the only choice to replace missing teeth. Some causes of tooth loss include:

     *     Gum disease

     *     Dental decay

     *     Injury

Gum health

Gum disease is a serious condition and it affects millions of men, women and children worldwide. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease that can be easily treated by adopting a proper brushing and flossing routine, while periodontitis is a serious accumulation of bacteria on the teeth and along the gum line that can eventually lead to bone loss. There are various forms of gum disease that can be caused by the following:

     *     Smoking and tobacco use

     *     Genetics

     *     Pregnancy

     *     Medications such as oral contraceptives and antidepressants

     *     Teeth grinding

     *     Diabetes

     *     Poor nutrition

It is important to constantly monitor the teeth if a person falls into one of these categories. The protection of said teeth is just as important as maintaining good oral health, something of which is vital to your overall health. Remember, implants are not for everyone, but with the appropriate consultation, people may be able to determine the best solution for restoring their smile. Browse our website to learn more.

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