Finish Your Kitchen with Style by Installing a Tin Backsplash in Brooklyn NY

If you have ever admired the lovely tin ceilings in older homes, you should keep in mind that this same great element can be used in any home, old or new. With the need to be able to replace or repair those old tin ceilings has brought about a whole new industry that is making tin finishes. Many of these have tin tiles that can be used as a Tin Backsplash Brooklyn NY.

This material makes a great backsplash since it is easy to clean, resists stains and is heat resistant. This type of Tin Backsplash Brooklyn NY comes in several finishes, including a pre-painted white, stainless steel finish, or copper, chrome or brass plated finishes. This means you won’t have any trouble choosing just the right one for your kitchen. This type of material goes well with sleek, modern kitchens that incorporate the use of stainless steel appliances. The antique look of the embossing on the tile looks great in kitchens that have been designed to have a bit of the vintage look. A tin backsplash even goes well in small, older kitchens that are decorated in the cottage style.

With the selection of colors and designs, you can easily mix these tiles with marble, granite or laminate or concrete countertops. You can use tin for a backsplash all along your kitchen counters or simply use it behind one area, such as the stove top or the sink area. This work can be done in existing or new kitchens, without having to do a complete remodel. You can even make a fun do-it-yourself project out of installing these tin tiles if you would like. Or you could let the professionals at Abingdon Construction Brooklyn NY do the work for you. They have been installing and repairing tin ceilings since the owner’s grandfather started installing them over one hundred and five years ago. I guess it is safe to say they have a bit of experience working with tin. There is no need to have a kitchen you are unhappy with when turning it into something unique and special is so easy. Give them a call and see what they can do to improve your kitchen. Visit their website for more information.


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