Fireplaces In Long Island NY And The Importance Of Fire Safety

Fireplaces in Long Island NY can help people feel cozy during those winter nights when the wind is howling outside and the snow doesn’t seem to want to stop. The crackling sound that a fireplace makes is something that some people find relaxing. A fireplace can also help set the mood for a romantic evening. Although fireplaces are beautiful and efficient, they can also be dangerous. There are over 20,000 fires caused each year because of fireplaces. Most of these fires are preventable, so it’s up to fireplace owners to make sure that they take all the necessary safety precautions.

Before even lighting a fire for the cooling season, there are things that need to be done with Fireplaces in Long Island NY to make sure they are safe. The first is making sure that the chimney has been inspected. Chimney inspectors should be certified. An inspection is needed because a lot can happen to a chimney between cooling seasons. There could even be an undetected obstacle inside the chimney. The obstacle could stop heat and gases from escaping. Without a way to escape, gases can accumulate inside living areas. This can lead to severe illness or worse if the high levels of gases aren’t detected soon enough. As an additional safety measure, all fireplace owners should have carbon monoxide detectors inside their homes.

There are little things that people can do to be safe while using fireplaces. The mantel area shouldn’t have any items on it that could easily catch fire. Although it’s tempting to put certain decorations on the mantel during the holiday season, it may be wise just to decorate other areas of the room instead. Also, furniture shouldn’t be placed too close to the fireplace. A spark could accidentally set a piece of furniture on fire. It’s also important to never leave a fireplace unattended. A fire extinguisher should be located near the fireplace.

There are contractors who work on all kinds of projects from Decks to fireplaces. These contractors can help homeowners who want to add fireplaces to their homes. Contractors can make sure that fireplaces are safely installed with the right ventilation. There are a number of affordable options available for people who want to add fireplaces. Find more information.

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