Four Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal in Westport, Connecticut

Trees work well in yards not only for the shade they provide but also the enhancement they make to the lawn. While trees typically have a positive effect on the landscape, they can sometimes have a negative impact as well. Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut should be completed when there are a few key signs noticed that a negative impact is being made.

The Tree is Dead or Dying

When a tree is dead or is starting to die, it should be removed. Any other trees in the area can be impacted by one with a disease. Removing it completely will ensure nothing is spread to other trees in the area.

The Tree is Leaning Over the House

Strong winds and rain can cause a tree to begin to lean. Once it is leaning far enough over the house, the tree should at least be trimmed to avoid any damage. A tree that is leaned too far may need to be completely removed to prevent a fall. One storm could be all it takes to make the tree fall and leave the roof crushed underneath.

Mushrooms are Growing at the Base

Mushrooms are a decay-producing fungi. A large number of these growing at the base of a tree typically indicates a problem. The fungi will begin to cause decay to the tree, making it necessary to remove the tree before it dies and causes damage to other trees nearby.

There are Large, Dead Branches Hanging

Even if the entire tree is not yet damaged, there could be branches within it that are presenting a danger. Large, dead branches left in place will eventually break off and fall. This can cause damage to the lawn as well as hurt anyone who happens to be in the path, including a person or pet. Removing the tree will eliminate this hazard.

Tree Removal in Westport Connecticut should be completed as soon as any of these signs are noticed. Northeast Horticultural Services will send a trained arborist who can assess the trees in the yard and ensure they truly need to be removed. Some may be able to be saved with a little work. Homeowners consider tree removal can browse the website to learn more about the process.

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