Four Signs You Need Auto Suspension Repair in Lansing MI

A vehicle’s suspension system is rarely considered when people think of vehicle emergencies, but over time, the shocks will become worn enough to require replacement. If the suspension is allowed to get to a critical point, a driver can lose control of their car while making turns or trying to stop. Knowing the signs of suspension trouble can prevent such a disaster from occurring. Here are some signs that Auto Suspension Repair in Lansing MI may be needed.

Sign One: A Rough Ride

One of the most obvious signs of suspension trouble is a rough ride. If every single bump or dip in the road now feels teeth-jarring, there is a high chance that a suspension issue is going on. The more that the vehicle bounces when hitting small road obstacles, the more likely it is that the suspension is failing.

Sign Two: Pulling to One Side While Turning

If a suspension system begins to fail, it is often felt during turns. If the car feels like it is pulling or drifting strongly during a turn, it may indicate that the shocks are unable to keep the vehicle’s body stable. This means that the vehicle is at higher risk for a wreck in the form of rollovers.

Sign Three: Nose Diving

During stops, if the vehicle tends to lurch ahead before stopping there may be a suspension issue. This is most noticeable when the front of the vehicle (the “nose”) dives forward and then stops. This indicates failing shocks and can eventually reduce the ability to stop on time, making it a dangerous issue to ignore.

Sign Four: Tire Treads Uneven

If tire treads are not even, the suspension may be the cause. This is especially true in the case of large bald spots. If the suspension is not able to provide the correct support for the vehicle, it will start to show up on the tires because the pressure will inevitably be higher in certain areas. If you think that you might need Auto Suspension Repair in Lansing MI based on the information above, consider calling Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service to find out more today.

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