Four Types of Janitorial Equipment in Houston TX Needed for a School

Keeping a school clean is the job of the custodian. They spend their days mopping up messes, scrubbing floors, and wiping down surfaces to ensure all areas are clean and healthy for children to be in. Janitorial Equipment in Houston TX is necessary for custodians to do their job. There are four main types they need to keep a school clean.

Floor Buffer

In order to keep the gym floor shiny and smooth for kids to use, a floor buffer is necessary. This machine will buff the floor and keep it free of scratches and scuff-marks that are often left behind by children’s tennis shoes. The buffer can also be used on the hallway floors in the classroom.


Tiny hand prints can quickly cover the windows in schools with children peering out them to see outside. With the help of a squeegee and some window cleaning spray, custodians can clean the hand prints off the windows and leave them clean and clear. This will need to be done regularly.


Many classrooms have carpeted areas that can not be cleaned with a floor buffer. Instead, a traditional vacuum is needed. Janitorial supply companies offer heavy duty vacuums that work both on thick carpet and smooth floors. Some even have a wet/dry option that allows the custodian to use it even the floor is still wet. A workshop vac is also a valid option for schools, as it can be used outside when cleaning up dirt and other messes.

Laundry Equipment

While not all schools have their own laundry facilities, some do utilize their own laundry equipment for keeping clothes and linens clean. This is often used for aprons worn by the cafeteria staff, painting smocks used in the art room, and uniforms for the custodian and other cleaning staff.

Janitorial Equipment in Houston TX comes in a variety of types, particularly for use in a school setting. With teachers, staff members, and children on site on a regular basis, keeping things clean is a necessary part of running a school. All surfaces need to be wiped down and maintained, so the spread of illness is avoided as much as possible. Click here to visit Matera Paper, where all janitorial equipment needed for schools can be found.

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