Free Standing Gas Fireplaces Feature Benefits for Homeowners

A fireplace offers many benefits in the residential setting. Not only do fireplaces serve as a convenient heat source during the coldest winter seasons but also they add value to your home. Free standing gas fireplaces specifically are in demand for multiple reasons.


One chief benefit of a gas fireplace is that can help you increase your living space by producing warmth in areas that otherwise may not be comfortable enough to spend an extended amount of time in. A fireplace enhances any area’s feel and looks by adding sophistication and charm. A top provider of gas fireplaces offer these products to those searching for an elegant, sleek heating solution that works well in rooms such as the bedroom and living room.

Free Standing Gas Fireplaces

These types of gas fireplaces are essentially stoves that simply sit on the floor in your chosen area. This could be by a wall or in a corner, for example. A gas pipe is run to the fireplace for power. In addition, these types of fireplaces feature the kinds of ceramic logs that other fireplace units sport, thus creating a rusting feel.

A perk of a free standing gas fireplace is that it is exposed not only in the front but also on all sides–including the left and right. The full exposure all around enables more heat to radiate into a room, therefore making this type of fireplace an efficient heating source.


Free standing gas fireplaces are made to vent the exhaust they produce outside of the house. A direct vent gas fireplace removes the propensity for heat loss and drafts, which are common issues with other models of fireplaces. Direct vent gas fireplaces are known for effectively pulling in combustion air from the outdoors rather than essential indoor air that is warm.

A leading provider of fireplaces can review with you all of your options for free standing gas fireplaces as well as stylish accessories designed to complement your home’s décor. With the right company, you can be confident that your home will feature a fireplace that functions well, is reliable and is safe for your family.

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