Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery In New London, CT

There are many reasons why dental patients have oral surgeries performed. The most common reasons include tooth extractions, removal of a growth, or dental implants. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this kind of surgery before going to a dentist who performs Oral Surgery in New London CT.

Q.) Are there any special instructions to follow the morning of the surgery day?

A.) Dentists often give their patients a list of instructions to follow the morning of the oral surgery procedure. Patients are normally instructed to refrain from eating or drinking for several hours before the surgery. A friend or family member should accompany the patient to the dental clinic and drive the patient home. It’s also advisable for someone to stay with the patient the remainder of the day in case the patient needs assistance.

Q.) Will there be a pain after having an oral surgery procedure?

A.) After the numbing medication wears off, patients usually experience some pain at the site of their oral surgery. The dentist will prescribe a pain medication for the patient to take for a few days after the procedure. The patient can also apply ice packs to the jaw and this will also help to relieve the pain. Patients should rest the remainder of the day after having the surgery and should avoid doing anything strenuous for the first few days after the surgery.

Q.) What should a patient do if the surgery site doesn’t stop bleeding?

A.) Patients will usually experience some bleeding after the surgical procedure is finished. Individuals should regularly change the gauze pad as long as the surgery site continues to bleed. To help slow down the bleeding, patients should apply gentle pressure to the gauze pad. If the bleeding is persistent and doesn’t gradually slow down, contact a dentist who performs Oral Surgery in New London CT, for further instructions.

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