Frequently Asked Questions About Quality Garbage Disposal Services

A garbage disposal is a handy device to have in your home, but if your disposal malfunctions, it can be frustrating. Below are some frequently asked questions about garbage disposal repair and maintenance. If you need a technician to repair your unit, contact a company that provides Quality Garbage Disposal Services in your area.

Q.) What can be done about a garbage disposal that makes a humming sound but doesn’t run?

A.) If your garbage disposal is making a buzzing sound but it isn’t working, this is due to an obstruction in the unit. If something gets stuck in your disposal, the flywheel won’t turn and this causes it to make the noise that you hear. To remove the object from your garbage disposal, you’ll have to rotate the flywheel. Turn off the electric power to your unit so that it doesn’t start running while you’re doing the repair. Use a wrench to turn the knob at the bottom of the disposal. When the object becomes dislodged, you’ll feel the flywheel move. Turn the power back on and press the reset button on your disposal before running it again.

Q.) How can a leaking garbage disposal be repaired?

A.) If your garbage disposal leaks where it’s connected at the sink, the bolts have become loose. Shut off the power to your disposal before beginning any repairs. Grasp the unit and turn it backwards until it loosens up and releases from the mount. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts that are located on the top of the disposal. After securing the bolts, reattach the disposal to the bottom of the sink.

Q.) What causes slow garbage disposal drainage?

A.) If your unit takes a long time to drain, you’ll need to check for a clog in the drain pipe. Take out the bolts that connect the disposal to the drain pipe. After you remove the disposal, clean out the pipe so your disposal can drain properly. If this doesn’t solve the problem, there may be a clog deeper down inside the pipe. Contact a company that provides Quality Garbage Disposal Services to clean out the remainder of the pipe.

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