Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy In Camas WA

A very common procedure that’s often recommended by dentists is a root canal. This treatment is performed to save a tooth that’s damaged due to an infection. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn the basics of root canal therapy in Camas WA.

Why is it necessary to perform root canal therapy?

A root canal procedure is necessary when a tooth becomes infected and the infection spreads down into the center of a tooth and also into the tooth’s roots. Most individuals who have an infection inside their tooth experience extreme pain and they must receive treatment as soon as possible. The cause of the excessive pain is due to the nerves in the tooth that are located in the center of the tooth.

How does the inside of a tooth and the tooth roots become infected?

The most common reason why the inside of a tooth becomes infected is because of decay. If the tooth isn’t treated, an infection can occur and expand into the center section of the tooth and down into the roots. Trauma to the tooth can also cause it to become damaged and individuals will need to have a root canal to repair the tooth.

What does a dentist do during a root canal treatment?

A dentist first numbs the area of the mouth around the infected tooth. The dentist then drills a hole down into the center of the tooth to remove the infection and the other debris that’s inside the tooth and the tooth roots. After rinsing out the tooth, the dentist places a rubbery substance down into the openings of the tooth and roots.

After filling in the opening of the tooth, the dentist prepares a crown to place over the entire tooth. A crown is added to the weakened tooth to help protect it and to make it stronger. After the root canal therapy in Camas WA in complete, individuals won’t have any more pain or discomfort.

Individuals who need to have a root canal procedure can contact Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry. Visit their website at to learn additional information about this procedure and to contact the office for an appointment. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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