Fun Facts about the Pipeline Industry

There is no question that the oil extraction industry is quite interesting, although complicated, process. Not only is the process of oil drilling fascinating it also has an interesting and long history. If you are in this industry or trying to find a service for pipeline construction in Alberta, then getting to know some of these more interesting facts can be beneficial.

The Chinese Were the First to Drill for Oil

It is believed that the Chinese were the very first ones to drill oil wells, which reached approximately 800 feet. This is pretty impressive considering the fact that the drill bits they used were attached to bamboo poles. Once the oil had been extracted, it would be burned so it would evaporate brine and then produce salt. There are records in both Japan and China that reference the use of natural gas for lighting and heating.

Petroleum Distillation First Occurred in Persia

It is believed that during the ninth century, Persia was the first company to try petroleum distillation. This was done in an effort to produce various chemicals, such as kerosene. There were other chemists in Arab and Persia who distilled crude oil for creating flammable products to use while on the battlefield. The process of distillation did not make it to Western Europe until the 12th century.

The First Commercial Oil Well was in Ontario

It is not surprising that there are so many professionals offering pipeline construction in Alberta. This is especially true when you consider the very first commercial oil well was placed in Oil Springs in Ontario. This well was dug in 1858 and the first offshore well did not appear until 1896 in California.

As you can see, the oil industry has a pretty long and interesting history. This is one industry that touches all four corners of the world and nothing that is going away anytime soon. If you need help with an oilfield project, contact the pipeline construction in Alberta professionals at Platinum Pipefitting, Inc. You can also pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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