Fun Facts To Learn Before Buying Air Compressor Parts and Service In PA

Air compressors have along history of being used in industrial settings. While admittedly a rather dry subject, as with anything, there are still interesting facts to learn concerning Air Compressor Parts and Service PA. Read on and let the curiosity run rampant.

 *   The very first air compressor to be sold commercially was the reciprocating compressor. This is a unique tool as it operates like a combustion engine but, actually, has the opposite effect. The chamber within the unit is reduced in volume once air is pumped into it.

 *   Industrial air compressors generate so much heat they can actually be used to heat the water supply within the factory itself. This is a great means to recycle and conserve the energy that is used by large industrial factories.

 *   Here is a neat scientific fact that can actually be verified at home. Take two cans that are identical in nature but fill one with regular, or “atmospheric” air, and fill one with compressed air. The can that has been filled with compressed air will actually weigh more!

 *   One of the most popular styles of Air Compressor Parts and Service PA that are used in the workplace are known as rotary screw compressors. They work by compressing air between the endpoints of two screws.

 *   Nearly two-thirds of all industrial plants that engage in manufacturing in the United States use air compressors as a source of power. The reason behind this is that they are such an immense saver of energy, which results in an improved bottom line for the business in question. Compressors from Air Center Inc. are universally known as tools which really save where it counts.

 *   Reciprocating compressors are so large and so loud that hearing protection equipment is necessary while working with them. If the human ear is left exposed with no protection for eight hours, a detectable hearing loss can occur.

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