Get the Right Security Cameras for Your Property

When you want to enhance the security of your home or business, our security cameras company in Chicago has what you need. We offer a variety of security cameras that are designed to capture still images, audio recordings and video recordings of your property. We can set up and install the cameras for optimal performance.

We carry dome, bullet, body and box cameras. Each of these security camera options has theirĀ  advantages and features, such as panning, tilting, and resistance to wind and rain. The cameras can zoom in when motion is recognized in the view of the lens. If you need cameras with night vision or infrared technology, we have those, too. Night vision allows you to capture an image of an intruder even when there is no or little ambient lighting available for producing a color image.

If you need to monitor the inside of a home or property, we offer a range of security cameras that are unobtrusive. Some of our cameras do not even look like cameras. We can set you up with cameras that offer cloud storage or that send all of the information to a monitor and recording system for viewing in real-time. The connectivity options of our cameras include Bluetooth, wireless or Wi-Fi, Ethernet, parallel and wired.

Our goals are to give you peace of mind knowing that your property and the contents of your garage, building or home are safe. Our cameras are also designed to help keep you, your family, guests or staff safe. We can even help to keep your pets safe through video monitoring. To learn more about our security cameras company in Chicago, call us at Alert Protective Services today.

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