Getting Cavities Filled at the Dentist in Little Egg Harbor, NJ

A common procedure needed by many patients in the Little Egg Harbor area is to get cavities filled. The thought of having to get an injection into the mouth terrifies many potential patients. However, dentistry has improved significantly to make getting fillings a lot easier. Patients should reconsider if they’re thinking about avoiding the dentist because a cavity needs a filling.

The hardest part of getting a filling is the injection. The dentist in Little Egg Harbor, NJ will put a topical anesthetic over the injection site in order to reduce the pain from the actual injection. Unfortunately, the topical anesthetic alone is nowhere near enough to numb the mouth to get the filling without pain. However, the topical anesthetic is pretty good at minimizing the pain.

Another great technique used by the dentist in Little Egg Harbor, NJ to reduce the injection pain is to wiggle another part of the mouth while injecting to confuse the pain nerves. If done properly, this can significantly reduce the pain to just a small pinch. Even if there is some pain, it will be brief.

After the injection of anesthetic, the rest of the procedure to get a cavity filled is very easy for the patient. A properly numbed mouth will not result in much pain while the dentist is putting in the filling. Many patients at Little Egg Dental know that it’s easy to just sit and wait while the dentist is dealing with the cavity.

Once the filling is put into the tooth, the patient’s mouth may still be numb from the anesthetic. This is completely normal. Within an hour or two, the patient should have full feeling in the mouth. There is a chance that there will be a bit of residual pain from the procedure. An over-the-counter painkiller should be sufficient to deal with any pain resulting from getting the cavity filled.

Many people think getting a filling is a lot more painful that it actually is. Today, dentists know how to minimize pain significantly. Although it is impossible to completely get rid of the pain, many find that it is actually short and not intense. That is why folks fearful of getting a filling due to pain should consider getting this treatment to prevent tooth decay from getting worse.


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