Getting Rid of Termites Effectively

Living in colonies, Termites in Bel Air MD feed and grow by eating materials that contain cellulose. However, they mainly love to feed on wood. Whether the floor, furniture or beams, these white ants sink into the wood to reduce it to dust, which inevitably ends up destroying everything in their path.

Tips for stopping a termite infestation

To end this scourge that affects your home, look at the natural tricks below and get rid of Termites in Bel Air MD once and for all. If you see an infestation of termites, do not panic. If people feel that the problem is out of hand and self-treatment will be unsuccessful, they should call a professional who has the knowledge and materials to eliminate the threat.

It is important to act quickly to avoid the proliferation of these small pests and, thus, avoid the total loss of your property. Termites usually settle near a source of moisture but can also be present on very dry wood.

The cardboard trap

Often used by professionals, cardboard contains a compound called organic cellulose, highly sought by termites. The system is very simple; you need only three or four pieces of cardboard soaked in water, then stack them and place the wet cardboard near problematic areas: the moisture and cellulose of the cardboard will attract termites. Leave the trap for two or three days, remove the trap and get rid of it far away from the home.

The sun is a termite’s worst enemy

People should know that termites do not tolerate the sun very well and prefer dark areas. If a homeowner sees that their home is infected, they should introduce bright light to the area. If it is a piece of furniture, place it outdoors in direct contact with sunlight.

Since summer is about over, many people feel that this option is no longer useful. This thinking is wrong, however. If the sun is shining bright, this option is still effective.

More moisture, more termites

As said before, termites like shaded areas and water, so it is essential to eliminate all forms of moisture in the area. To learn more, visit the website today.

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