Getting Started With Bed Bug Preparation in Bronx

Bed bugs are minuscule insects that can quickly wreak havoc on a home, causing itching bites. When it comes to removing bed bugs, preparation is key to ensuring the pest control services will be able to safely and effectively remove these pests from a home. With this information, homeowners will better understand the steps they need to take for Bed Bug Preparation in Bronx.

How to Prepare a Home For Bed Bug Treatment

The following steps should be carried out when someone is considering hiring a pest control specialist to get rid of their bed bug problem. Bed bugs are difficult to remove without professional intervention and taking these steps will help to ensure the process is successful.

• Although it might be tempting to do so, homeowners should never remove any of their belongings until after treatment. Removing items from home will only cause infestations in the area the items are being stored in. It could also lead to a reinfestation once the items are returned to the home.

• All sheets, bedding, and pillows should be washed in hot water and dried on the hottest setting so any bed bugs or eggs can be destroyed. Once these have been treated, they should be tied up in garbage bags and kept separate from any items that might be contaminated with bed bugs.

• All washable items, including clothing, furniture, and stuffed animals, should be carefully washed in hot water and dried for at least thirty minutes on the hottest dryer setting. These items needed to be double-bagged and kept protected from contaminated items.
• All pets and occupants need to be removed from the home so they will not come into contact with the pesticides used for destroying bed bugs. The pest control company will inform the homeowners when they can return to the home.

Call For Service

With these tips for Bed Bug Preparation the Bronx, homeowners can rest assured their home will be properly prepared for bed bug removal. Contact Metro Pest Control Inc today and allow them to take care of all of your pest control needs, so your home is free of pests.

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