Getting the Most from Your Garden Lighting

When your garden needs light, you have many choices and a lot of lighting products to choose from. In fact, if you want to come up with an effective lighting plan, LED lights for garden enhancement can be one of the best choices. Here are some things you should consider when you plan lighting schemes, and some important reasons why most lighting experts choose LED products.

What Kind of Lighting Do You Need?

When it comes to LED lights for garden enhancement, you have three basic types of lights in which to choose. They are as follows:

General lighting – light designed to cover an entire garden or specific area

Task lighting – light that serves a definite purpose. For example, you may want to install pathway lighting or lights meant to illuminate stairs.

Accent lights – accent lighting accents or brings attention to one thing. This is often done by installing floodlights or spotlights.

The Importance of LED lights for Garden Enhancement

You can use standard incandescent lighting, but it has some definite disadvantages. For insurance:

The bulbs get very hot and this can create a safety hazard if anyone touches them.

Not energy efficient – most of the power used for standard lighting goes to generate heat and it’s not really needed.

Maintenance – incandescent bulbs have relatively short lives and you’ll have to replace them often.

Fluorescent lights are more efficient than incandescent but not as efficient as LED light. They also contain small amounts of mercury, which is toxic.

LED lights for garden enhancements give you the most efficiency and safety. You can find many types of lights for all kinds of purposes. Talk to your lighting experts today about the many products they have to offer and the benefits of installing LED lighting for your outdoors.

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