Great Ideas for Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY

When hiring Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY, it is important to realize that they are able to do nearly any landscaping job, even a unique renovation of the whole yard. One fun idea is the creation of terraced flowerbeds. A terraced flowerbed gives the appearance of a never ending profusion of blooms since the garden is planted in layers. Once the terraced gardens are built by the landscapers, it is possible to alternate various types of flowers or even to alternate flowers with unique plants.

Another unique idea to share with landscapers is log flowerbeds. While most people think of stones and concrete as good ideas for flower bed borders, they are not exactly unique. Logs can be placed vertically to make a raised flower bed that will be unlike anything else in the neighborhood. Logs can be a long or as short as desired, and it will truly make a beautiful place to garden. Be sure to have a larger than usual amount of quality dirt and compost on hand to fill the log barrier since it will be considerably higher than the normal flower garden borders. Try a uniquely colored wood like a silvery white birch to really make the vertical logs stand out from their surroundings.

If a garden is made up of a considerable amount of ground cover and other fairly low lying blooms like Lantana, consider adding giant rocks for the ground cover to grow over. This will eventually result is a patchy yet somehow still perfect look that merges vegetation and rocks to look almost like a tropical jungle ground cover. People who have yards often forget about how beautiful container gardens can really be. It can be especially unique and interesting looking if large containers of flowers and plants are interspersed with the ground cover and giant rocks. This also helps add a good deal of dimension to the garden. The containers can be placed nearly anywhere, and may be a good way to group different types of flowers and plants. If you are looking for quality local Landscapers in Port Jefferson NY, consider callingĀ  to get help with your yard today.

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