Growing Your Art Education: What to Do After Your Undergraduate Program

You are almost done with your undergrad program and you should be proud. Now there is the question of what to do after you graduate. Looking into your options is going to be the first step in that major decision. You have several different things to consider, and it can seem a little overwhelming. You can go right into the workforce, continue your education to get some professional certifications, or you can even go on to get a full graduate degree.

Enter the Workforce

Jumping straight into the workforce is a valid option for some students. During your undergraduate schooling, you may have managed to build an extensive network of peers. With that network, and a little bit of luck, you may even be able to land yourself a job fresh out of your undergraduate program.

Professional Certifications

If your luck and your network are not landing you a job opportunity, looking into some professional designations may be a great option for you. Arts management graduate programs can give you that extra knowledge and qualifications to open career doors for you. They are usually only two semesters long, although they will vary, and will be less intensive than a full master’s program.

Graduate Degrees

Depending on your aspirations and desire for continued education, a master’s degree in an art program may be for you. They usually span two years, with a total of four semesters on campus. This allows you to gain specialized knowledge, as well as build up your connections in your field. It is intense and will require a significant commitment both in time and money. However, many artists find that graduate degrees are very fulfilling, and are also required if you are looking to eventually complete an art doctorate.

If you are looking into arts management graduate programs, check out the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You can visit their website at for more information.

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