Guide to a Pediatric Dental Mouth Guard in Broken Arrow OK

Oklahoma parents are serious about protecting their children’s teeth. They use a dental mouth guard in Broken Arrow OK when their kids grind their teeth at night and to protect them while playing contact sports. Keep reading for more information about times what dental guards are, as well as when they ought to be used.

What is a Dental Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards, just as the name suggests, are devices which fit snugly over the child’s upper teeth to protect them from traumatic injury during sporting activities or to prevent tooth damage from night-time grinding. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that mouth guards be used during all sporting activities. Most sporting leagues will require participants to invest in a dental mouth guard, but fortunately, minimal protective models are commonly available at retailers for fewer than ten dollars.

How do Mouth Guards Protect?

Mouth guards are designed primarily to protect an individual’s teeth. However, when worn correctly, they can reduce the force transmitted from a trauma point in the jaw to the base of the brain, which can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury in a child. Mouth guards can also protect a child from jawbone fractures, tongue injuries, gum and soft tissue injuries, and tooth fractures. Parents should consider a mouth guard for all sporting activities to be safe, but certainly when a child is participating in activities involving a ball or stick like baseball or hockey, hand-to-hand sports like martial arts, and field sports like football or soccer.

Mouth Guard Options

There are many mouthguard options available, but generally, they fall into three categories, stock, boil and bite, and customized guards. Usually, the more expensive the guard, the more protective it will be. Simple guards are available at retailers for minimal cost, but those would offer the least protection. More expensive models can be found in sporting goods stores, or families can opt to have a mouthguard custom made to fit their child’s mouth. Custom models would be more expensive but would provide the most protection for your child’s mouth. Visit for more information about a pediatric dental mouth guard in Broken Arrow OK.

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