Hallmarks Of A Good Car Dealer

At Hawk Ford, we’re more than qualified to share some characteristics of great car dealers in Burbank. Why? Because we are one of those dealers. After decades of serving customers with royal treatment, we can comfortably share our tips for what to look for in a car dealership. Some of it has to do with good old-fashioned salesmanship and some of it comes down to inventory. If the inventory is right, you can work with just about anything else.

What makes a car dealership great?

It’s a simple question with a few drawn out answers.

1. Friendliness: This one might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many car dealers in Burbank take a business-as-usual approach to selling cars. Not us. We believe in down-home hospitality, taking extensive time with our customers to help them be more confident about purchases, and going the extra mile during financing proceedings to ensure that they drive away in a car they love.

2. A great finance team: The finance team is where realistic expectations begin. Everyone would love to drive away in a certain vehicle, but nothing helps unless you can afford to do it. Auto loans, financing arrangements, and pulling a few strings later, and we can usually put someone in a vehicle they love.

3. After-care: This is an often overlooked part of a dealership. You shouldn’t just buy from a lot that sells cars. Buy from a lot that services them as well. Our repair shop is among the elite in the business, staffed with certified techs who truly love and care about the vehicles they keep in top shape.

Stop by today

Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn is one of the good ones, and we’d love to show you just why the next time you visit.

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