Having Dental Implant Surgery in Indianapolis IN

If someone has been wearing dentures to cover areas where they are missing teeth, they may decide to take the plunge in upgrading to implants at some point in the future. Having dental implant surgery in Indianapolis IN will open up a bunch of new benefits to the person that they were not experiencing while using dentures.

First, their dentist would need to do an evaluation of their bone structure to make sure they are a candidate for implants. If they have weakened bones as a result of periodontal disease, they would need to stick with dentures as the implants would not be able to be safely placed.

Before surgery, the person would need to have a general anaesthesia to put them in a resting state. The dentist would cut the gum area and fuse rods to the bone underneath. A rod would be used for each tooth’s placement. They would sew the gum area back together and the person would need to heal before they have porcelain teeth glued to each rod protruding through the gums.

After the person heals and the new teeth are placed, they will no longer suffer from any type of pain. Often, denture wearers will have sore gums after keeping their false teeth in place for several hours. They need to remove them to sooth the gums for a bit before placing the dentures back into their mouth. With dentures, the person has to adhere to strict guidelines in which foods they can eat. Hard or chewy foods can cause damage to the dentures or make them slip out of place. With implants, there are no food restrictions necessary. There is also no risk of the teeth falling out of the mouth, causing embarrassment as a result.

If more information is desired about having Dental Implant Surgery in Indianapolis IN, the denture wearer can contact their dentist or a reliable practice in the area. An evaluation can be done to determine whether the surgery will be beneficial and an appointment can be made to start the process. Check out Fishersdentist4u.com for more information about the benefits of implants.

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