Hazardous Situations Requiring Professional Garage Door Repair Services in Tempe AZ

A garage door that is not in excellent working order not only can become an inconvenience but may be an outright hazard. Garage Door Repair Services in Tempe AZ are available to fix problems, replace components and make adjustments. It’s best to call for assistance soon after problems develop as the situation will only get worse with continued use.

Automatic Reverse Functions

Homeowners should check the two automatic reverse functions on the doors every month. It only takes a few minutes. One safety feature is the light beam sensor near the bottom of the frame that stops the door from closing if something is in its path. The other is a pressure sensor that sends the door back up if it touches something. If either of these features don’t work, one of the Garage Door Repair Services in Tempe AZ should be called.

Noise and Jerking

Noise and jerking when doors open and close are signs of balance issues and lack of proper lubrication. Unbalanced doors and too much friction in the system can be hazardous to the rest of the system. These situations cause extra wear and tear that can lead to parts breaking. Cables and springs can snap.

A Door That Comes Loose

A door that simply quits working is an inconvenience, but one that breaks off from the equipment and comes loose is dangerous. A falling door can damage vehicles and other things stored in the garage. It also can cause serious injury to someone who tries to move the door. When this level of malfunction occurs, everyone should stay away from the garage until professional repair work is completed.

The Importance of Annual Maintenance

Even when everything seems to be working well, it’s a good idea to have a technician from a company like ASAP Door Repair & Service Inc inspect the doors and attached equipment once a year. Adjustments like balancing the doors can be done at that time, and parts can be lubricated and tightened. The technician will find any components that have become so worn they should be replaced. Replacement during the maintenance appointment will prevent breakdowns. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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