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Pecans are a healthy fat that produces a lot of energy and helps people to maintain a feeling of fullness. This makes them a great snack option or meal addition when trying to lose weight. They are also heart-healthy, high in antioxidants, and help to reduce inflammation. They have been proven to help prevent bone loss, control diabetes, and improve brain function. Of course, the real reason pecans are popular is because they are delicious and are good in their natural form, covered, or added to a variety of recipes.

Cooking With Pecans

Pecan pie is probably the recipe most people think of first when pecans are mentioned. It is popular but not the only way to use these nuts. The can be added to a healthy soup, included in a vegetable side dish, and even tossed into a stuffing mix. Pecans add a great flavor boost to most baked goods and are enjoyable in homemade granola and when topping off ice cream and yogurt. Chopped salted pecans or chocolate coated pecans also taste great when mixed with freshly popped popcorn.

Giving a Gift

Country Gifts in Tucson AZ do not get better than the gift of delicious local pecans. A bag of plain nuts is wonderful but there are many other luxurious options. Candied or spiced pecans are a sweet treat that everyone will love. Specialty items like pecan syrup, hot sauce, and coffee will make every gift basket a unique treat. There are even gift containers of pecan brittle and samplers that include a mix of coated, spiced, and plain pecans.

Eating for Health

It is important to understand serving sizes when eating pecans strictly for health reasons. Pecans are calorie-rich, and overeating can lead to weight gain. Of course, a few extra now and then is always acceptable. It is recommended that adults eat 10 grams of pecans every day to benefit from their nutrition without consuming too many calories. This amounts to approximately five pecans per serving.

Country Gifts in Tucson AZ that include the freshest and highest-quality pecans are found at the Green Valley Pecan Company Store. This is the best resource for purchasing pecans for home use or for finding the perfect gift for someone special. Consider purchasing their gift selections or use the products to create a custom basket.

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