Helpful Tips for Buying Compost for Gardens and Landscape in Hartford CT

The majority of high quality Compost for gardens and landscape in Hartford CT will contain mostly animal manure, yard waste and leaf mold. However, it is a good idea to feel the bag that you are considering purchasing and even peeking through a small rip in the bag to ensure that this is what is inside. You need an earthy feel, similar to typical soil, but lighter. You should stay away from any compost that is heavier, like a bag of sand.

What you should know about purchasing Compost for gardens and landscape in Hartford CT.
Talk to the Seller

You should avoid purchasing any compost, or pile’s of compost, where there are biosolids that are an included ingredient. It is also important to avoid purchasing a product that lists “inert ingredients” since there will be no way to know what this may be. If this type of information is not provided on the bag that you are considering purchasing, then you should call the manufacturer before you actually make the purchase. Asking questions prior to purchase will ensure that you do not purchase a less than ideal compost.

Find Out what else is in It

If the compost you want to purchase does not contain biosolids, then you still need to press a bit further to discover what it is actually made of. If the compost is made of nothing by sawdust and bark then it will not provide very much nutrition for the soil organisms, or at some point the plants. When you have a diverse material, it will provide a diverse fungal and bacterial populations contained inside of the compost.

When you take the time to find a quality type of compost, you can feel confident in the results that you will receive for your plant life. If you want more information, or to find out where you can purchase quality compost, contact Dunning Sand. Here you will be able to purchase high quality products that are going to be beneficial for the plants that you plan to plant. This is important in having a thriving garden.

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