Hire The Best Contractors To Clean-Up Fire Damage in Mesa, AZ

The aftermath of a fire can be more devastating than the flames. Everything in the home is covered with a layer of soot and smoke. Additionally, many items are damaged by the water used to extinguish the fire. Smoke and soot are toxic and can penetrate anything including paint, carpet and other upholstery. Further, smoke usually hides in air vents and behind walls.

Call the professionals if you have Fire Damage in Mesa AZ. Contact Paul Davis to handle the fire remediation job. Contractors have the expertise to know what items can be saved and what needs to be thrown out. There is no need to pay for cleaning something if it can be replaced at a cheaper cost. Residents should not use sprays to cover the smoke smell. Indeed, this only masks the smell and it can make the odor worse. Homeowners should never try and clean soot with water. In fact, soot is an oily substance and professionals use a vacuum to remove it. The contractor may recommend an ozone generator to get rid of smoke odors on soft things. The process involves placing the items in a small tent with the generator. The ozone generator works by breaking up smoke molecules. Consumers may want to use the generator to save items that are especially important like a wedding dress or fur coat. The process can also be used on upholstered furniture.

Cleaning hard surfaces, like walls and counter-tops, is the tough part of Fire Damage in Mesa AZ. Many professionals use thermal fogging for this job. Thermal fogging works by applying a heated fog, doused with a deodorizer to the surfaces. Heat from the fog opens the pores and eliminates the smoke odor. Furthermore, thermal fogging can be used to clean smoke particles out of the air. Smoke damage can discolor walls and other surfaces. Those surfaces are scrubbed using chemicals like trisodium phosphate (TSP). Surfaces may need more than one treatment to return to their pre-fire color. Unfortunately, sometimes the damage is bad and walls will need repainting. Most contractors also help with the insurance claims process. That is one less headache for the homeowner.

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