Hiring Properly Insured and Registered Roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma

Having your roof worked on is not simply a matter of hiring a person to work on it. This task involves properly investigating a person to ensure their eligibility to complete roofing work in the state of Oklahoma. It’s important to only hire a person who holds a registration in good standing with the state. Also, verifying insurance is vital. Hiring Roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma without the proper insurance puts you at risk for being held liable for injuries if a worker is hurt while working on your roofing system. The following information will assist you with garnering the proof you need.

According to Oklahoma Statutes Title 59. Professions and Occupations-the Roofing Contractor Registration Act, a person may not engage in the business nor act in the capacity of a roofing contractor without being registered. This registration must be done every year. A roofer can be denied a roofer’s registration if he is found guilty of certain fraudulent acts. To verify a registration by an applicant’s last name, business name, or registration number, Visit the Website of the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board. If you can’t find the name of your potential roofer on the Registry of Qualified Roofing Contractors, call the roofing registration division.

To ensure that a roofer has proper insurance, ask him for the name of his insurance broker/agent. Get in touch with this representative to request a certificate of insurance. This document is not the insurance contract itself but contains the information in one. It’s provided to third parties, or certificate holders/requesters. You, in this case, are the certificate requester. This document will show the policy effective date and the expiration effective date. No work should be done on your roof unless it falls on either of these dates or days in between these two dates. Certain states enforce laws making it illegal to hire a roofing contractor without proper insurance.

After you have completed these two aspects of your research on potential Roofers in Tulsa Oklahoma, further investigate to hire a person with the best qualifications. Doing so will allow you to have a roof that offers optimal functionality and longevity.

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