Homeowners Should Consult a Professional When Purchasing a Garage Door Opener in Minneapolis

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Garage

Homeowners benefit from many modern conveniences. One often overlooked home convenience is the garage door opener. Garage doors are the single heaviest moving part in your home and the garage door opener is responsible for the safe lifting and closing of the door. There are guidelines that should be followed when homeowners purchase a garage door opener in Minneapolis. Choosing the right kind of opener is crucial.

There are basically 3 different types of openers. One of the most common and least expensive units is a chain opener. They are capable of doing the job but tend to be noisier than other types. If you have living spaces either above or along side of the garage, you may want to choose an opener that offers quieter operation. Screw type openers are quieter, can lift heavy doors, and are easy to maintain. Also available are belt-drive style garage door openers. The tough, synthetic belt operates smoothly, can lift heavy doors and is considered to be the quietest of all garage door openers.

Professionals advise homeowners to purchase an opener that has more capacity than is needed because the motor does not have to work as hard and will therefore last longer. Experts also recommend that you call a professional to do both installation and maintenance. Garage doors go up and down with the help of massive springs. These springs can be very dangerous and professionals have the tools and expertise to safely install, adjust, and maintain these springs.

All garage doors are installed with federally mandated safety features such a laser beam that shoots across the bottom of the garage door. If this beam is broken while the door is closing, it will stop the door and lift it back up. Pressure sensors in the motor will stop a garage door from closing if it hits an object in the way. Yearly maintenance of your garage door is recommended to check these systems plus the balance of the door and the proper lubrication of the moving pars.

Consumers considering the purchase of a garage door opener in Minneapolis will have a number of convenience features to choose from. In addition to the type of opener and capacity, homeowners can choose doors that offer fast lifting, timers, vacation locks and key chain remotes. Homeowners should contract with professionals to insure they select the perfect unit for their home and to make sure it is safely installed.

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