Hot Water Heaters In Westchester County NY Can Increase Energy Usage

Gasoline may be on the decline, but electricity, natural gas, and propane do not appear to be falling as quickly as gasoline prices. Hot water heaters are one of the largest energy users in a home. When they are not functioning properly, there will be an increase in the energy costs. Saving money on wasted energy is a goal for many homeowners and businesses. Sediment can enter Hot Water Heaters in Westchester County NY and overheat elements inside of the tank.

Gas water heaters have their heating burner on the base of the tank. When the water has a lot of minerals and sediment, a gas hot water heater will stop working. Electric hot water heaters have two heating elements. One at the bottom and one at the top. When the heating element has burned out, there will be hot water for a limited amount of time. An example would be only being able to talk a shower with lukewarm water or water that is hot. Another example is when the water is hot and then turns cold very shortly after beginning the shower. This would be a clear indication there is something wrong with the water heater.

Hot Water Heaters in Westchester County NY should always be installed by a professional plumber. Although it may appear to be a DIY project, proper plumbing and connections need to be performed. Improper connections can lead to leaks in the water pipes, gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, being scalded, or being electrocuted. Gas water heaters need proper ventilation of the gas fumes from the home. These fumes create a deadly gas that can make occupants ill or even result in death. Many warranties on hot water heaters will not be honored if the water heater is not installed by a professional plumber.

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